Many leaders have diversity and inclusion aspirations.
I’m here to help you turn those dreams into reality.

I work with clients to apply diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) research and techniques to their products, services and business operations. Clients not only see DEI results, but also improve their market reach and brand loyalty.

For example, I’ve helped: 

— Coworking spaces widen their membership base and boost customer satisfaction —
— Technology events increase in popularity while diversifying their speakers and attendees —
— Management consultants create improved workshops and other services —


Diversity Research

An enormous body of diversity research has evolved over the past few decades. However, it is only useful if it applies to your business or nonprofit. As a formally trained social scientist, I can draw from those resources to curate the most relevant research for you.

I also work with clients create their own research to improve their products and services by applying a diversity lens. My specialized methods include:

  • Online surveys

  • Phone and in-person interviews

  • Focus groups

I’ve conducted research in startup, action sports, management consulting, and nonprofit worlds. For example, I designed and led, the first study on gender in Seattle startups. See more samples in my portfolio.

Strategic and Operational DEI planning

Once we’ve collected relevant data, or if the client provides their own data, we work together to find patterns and trends that point to how we can make both DEI and business performance improvements.

Then, we create a realistic operational plan that aligns with your business objectives. I utilize a technique called “nudges,” where small operational changes are utilized to create low-risk, long-term positive change. We’ll partner to implement the plan, iterating as we go to strive for continuous improvement.

Intersectional gender equity consulting

The field of diversity consulting is wide, including enormous bodies of theory in many topics. My deep expertise lies in the field of intersectional gender equity. “Intersectional” is an important word, meaning gender is not considered in isolation, but instead takes into account how other parts of identity such as age, race, class, sexual orientation, ability, and more overlap, creating different life experiences at each intersection.

I work with clients to curate and implement leading research on intersectional gender equity into their own work, to ensure that they approach the topic in an informed and impactful way.

Whether it’s a conference, fundraiser, customer appreciation night, or gaming competition, I’ll work with your team to input simple, effective diversity “nudges” to improve the inclusion of your event while maintaining alignment with event and business goals. See my portfolio for examples.

Inclusive Event Planning