Catalyze Seattle: the first study on gender and startups in Seattle

In collaboration with Ruchika Tulshyan, author of The Diversity AdvantageI led the first study on gender in Seattle-area startups.
Over 300 respondents participated in this all-volunteer project, and we can't wait to share what we learned.


   Image  by  Andrew Ridley  is   licensed under   CC BY 2.0.

Image by Andrew Ridley is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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There is a wealth of data that shows that more inclusive workplaces perform better. We use a low-risk, design-based approach to to help make your business even more equitable.

We take an intersectional approach with our work. This means we don't examine gender equity in isolation, but consider how it overlaps with other social categories such as race, class, sexual orientation, ability, age, and more. This gives a more holistic and accurate view, which can help us pin-point effective solution ideas. 

We also utilize data and research in our work, as a way not only to identify opportunities for solutions, but also to measure progress and reduce subjectivity in our recommendations. 

Bringing unique and unexpected insights, we'd like to help you do good.

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