How do you engage someone in conversation about a tough subject? 

It all starts with stories.

Blogs and articles:  In order to communicate your message, I'll work with you to craft an effective story that sparks curiosity and engages your reader.  Blogs and articles can be a fantastic way to reach potential customers and increase traffic to your website by tapping into SEO potential.  
They can also have a larger mission, as a tool to help break down walls of misunderstanding and build bridges and allyships. I enjoy making tough subjects approachable, and have written well-received pieces on homelessness, labor trafficking, local politics, LGBTQ advocacy, racial equity, and of course, gender. 

Website content: Let’s fill your website with optimized content that will interest customers and draw in business. 

Academic writing:  To create a piece of writing that will pass muster in the academic world, it must have proper grammar, precise citations, and carefully fact-checked sources.  Having worked with a variety of nonprofits, universities, and public institutions, I specialize in applying a gender lens to analyze systems and institutions. Some samples include:

  • “Female Entrepreneurs and the World they Live In,” an analysis of primary and secondary research of women in high-growth startups, written for a nonprofit in Arizona.
  • “How Universities Measure, Prevent, and Handle Sexual Assault Cases: An International Comparison.” Written for a small East Coast American university.
  • “Gender Quota Systems of National Parliaments Within the European Union: A Comparison and Critical Analysis” written for the Women in Parliaments Global Forum. 

Ebooks & fact sheets: One of my favorite things to do when writing is to take complex, nuanced information, and bring it down to earth.  Delivering key information in an approachable and relatable way means your message will reach a larger audience. 

Subject knowledge areas:

  • Gender equity
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Nonprofits
  • Startups and small businesses
  • International travel
  • Seattle and northwest culture and activities

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LET’S work together to GET CURIOUS AND DIG A BIT DEEPER.    

Did you know that in Seattle, there's at least a 10% gender wage gap, and 15% racial wage gap?
I've recently completed the first study on gender equity in Seattle startups. Our research team compiled some fascinating results, which are now available to view at www.CatalyzeSeattle.org

Measuring equity: Gender equity is intangible, making it tricky to measure. I've scoured the research and tap into that knowledge to help your team understand the best ways to keep track of equity at your company.  

Primary user experience (UX) research: To find out whether your customers or employees are satisfied, we'll go straight to the source and ask them, through thoughtfully created surveys and interviews.  I use various techniques to gather data without bias, in a safe and secure atmosphere that allows participants to answer openly.  

Secondary research: With experience ranging from expert interviews for blogs, to doctorate-level academic literature reviews, I can help you find the information you need, and present it in a clear and compelling manner. I'm well known for impeccable citations and extremely high-quality analysis. See reviews for examples. 

Let’s get started!

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