Though Seattle is a proudly progressive city, we've still got work to do when it comes to gender equity.

There is a wealth of data that shows that inclusive workplaces and gender-balanced teams perform better than those that are mostly male.*   

So why aren't businesses, startups and nonprofits investing in improving this?

Often, it's because there are few readily-available resources to support the implementation of techniques that would improve gender equity in the workplace. 

This is where I can help.  I bring a wealth of knowledge about how making small changes to the operations of a business or nonprofit can make have big effects on equity and inclusion. The benefits for the organization, and for the employees, are absolutely worth the investment.  

My Technique:

Gender equity can be a tricky subject, because so much of what we learn about gender is subtle, nuanced, and deeply ingrained.  But that doesn't mean it's unchangeable.  Quite the opposite.  As soon as we start noticing where inequities pop up, a whole world of potential opens up. 

Most of us have great intentions and want to create workplaces that are inclusive and welcoming towards all types of people. We'll work as a team to shift those good intentions into action with measurable impact.

We'll begin by understanding where your company is at right now, through data collection and meeting with your team. Knowing where we're at is powerful, especially with something as intangible and sensitive as gender equity. We'll work together to create metrics that measure whether we're making progress towards your goals, and also taps into the latest research on gender equity. 

Next, we'll strategize as a team, pinpointing the areas where we can make the most improvements. Our strategy will be rooted in your goals--be they to grow your team, improve the bottom line, or reduce turnover. 

Finally, we'll test and iterate our ideas as we act on our strategy, grounded by the metrics we've created to measure progress. 

Coming soon: Gender Equity Workshops

In the coming months, I'll be hosting Seattle's first gender equity for business training series.  

These solutions-based, hands-on workshops will leave participants with a toolkit of actionable ideas that they can begin applying to their business right away.  We'll cover topics such as how to create an intentionally inclusive company culture, how to reduce unconscious bias in promotion processes, and tools for recruiting and hiring diverse talent.  

We're seeking forward-thinking Seattle business leaders who area ready to invest in making their workplaces more equitable to join the first series.  Men are particularly encouraged to join us, though all genders are welcome.  If you'd like to be notified when the next workshops are announced, sign up here.  

Let’s get started!   

As an example of some of the things we may cover, here's a Seattle Startup Week panel I organized and moderated:

Good for Business and the World: Building Diversity and Inclusion into Your Startup

*For example, see McKinsey's research on gender in the workplace, or this Harvard Business Review article for a quick summary of research.

**The White House Project, The White House Project Report: Benchmarking Women's Leadership (2009), 75-84.