About Martha

Think of me as a diversity and inclusion translator. 

Having originally worked in the startup and nonprofit worlds, I encountered many incredible people with the desire to create a more equitable workplace and world. But often, once they saw the complexity of diversity and inclusion work, they felt overwhelmed. This meant they didn't take the first step, and instead continued business as usual. 

I knew we could do better.

So five years ago, I left my job as Global Operations Director at a large nonprofit in order to fill that need. To become a “diversity and inclusion translator” and help people transform their good intentions into positive change. 

Since then, I’ve developed proven successful diversity and inclusion measurement, training, and intervention techniques, specializing in intersectional gender equity. I’ve worked with clients from the startup, nonprofit, and corporate worlds, and my work has been covered in publications such as the Huffington Post, Geekwire, and the Seattle Times.

What gives me an edge? I bring a unique combination of three traits which make my work highly effective. 

Subject-area knowledge: I hold an MSc in intersectional gender studies from Linköping University, a world leader in diversity theory, and a BA in political science with a focus in entrepreneurship from Gonzaga University. This, alongside relentless self-guided study, gives me deep subject-area knowledge on topics from the intersection of race and gender in tech startups to techniques of reducing unconscious bias in the corporate world. 

Business operations experience: I’ve launched my own successful company in Seattle, consulted for diverse startups in Spokane, and built nonprofit operations throughout three continents. This has given me the tools to “lift up the hood” on business operations, see how things run behind the scenes, and where we can tighten a bolt or upgrade a gear to create a performance change down the road. 

Research: The ability to synthesize and analyze primary and secondary data is rare for diversity and inclusion specialists, but it's absolutely key for my work. Knowing how to conduct specialized research means that we can adapt diversity theory for the specific case at hand. See samples of my research on my portfolio page

I work with clients who are innovative. Proactive. Ready to create a more equitable workplace, alongside a profit. Are you ready to change the world? Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation

Client Testimonials

“Excellent work! Her thoroughness in her research, organized approach to presenting the information and her ability to bring key insights to the forefront always stand out to me. Her work is excellent all around and I could not say enough about working with her. Professional, responsive and overall just very good at what she does. The thing I always appreciate about Martha is her experience in this space. She is able to take a lot of information , digest it and put forth a cohesive picture that is both concise and informative.”

—Diversity, equity, inclusion consulting client

With a world-class education, data-driven approach, and people-centric philosophy, working with Martha on inclusive technology events was not only a value add for the company and projects, but has transformed me as a person and professional. I had the pleasure of working with Martha for more than 6 months on inclusive technology events, and was able to experience first-hand how she layers data-driven inclusion strategy into every phase of a project.

Perhaps my favorite part of working with Martha was how she kindly educated myself and the team on the reasoning behind her recommendations, sharing the statistics and research behind unconscious bias and systemic biases. This can be incredibly daunting work and forces us to not only look at our world, but ourselves. I never doubted Martha was my champion, partner, and coach. This approach has the highest ROI because the benefits and strategy were not only applied to individual projects and aligned with business objectives, but allowed for all team members to grow and approach life and business in a more inclusive and welcoming way.

—Technology events company

"Not only were the outputs very helpful and actionable, it’s clear that she has a deep understanding of how to approach and explore sensitive topics such as inclusion and diversity. She conducted the primary research in a way that brought in useful information for us, while making our members feel listened to and safe. 

She also has a knack for analyzing raw data and helping to transform into valuable information that we can use to help serve our customers better and improve our business. 

I would highly recommend working with Martha as a small business, nonprofit, or other company working to improve their diversity bottom line - we will certainly hire her for other projects in the future."

—Lindsay Engh, Seattle Impact Hub

"She's an outstanding researcher and showed great commitment. She continuously followed up with me to make sure that the piece is up to my expectations and without a doubt, the outcome was excellent."

—Research project: Gender quotas in European national parliaments 

"Outstanding! Martha is an incredibly talented writer and she did a fantastic job with a difficult project. I'm absolutely astounded at what she was able to accomplish in such a short period of time."

—Research and writing project: Gender and entrepreneurship analysis

"Martha is undoubtedly one of the most industrious and thorough teammates with whom I have had the pleasure of working. When I started at Global Peace Foundation, I was immediately awed with how much Martha had accomplished through her own initiative and without guidance: from organizing an internal communications system and servers, to developing roadmaps for initiatives in nine other countries, to creating an internship program entirely from scratch, and laying the foundation for a new website. Most impressively, she had done all of this within a year and done it amazingly, highlighting another of her greatest attributes: her drive to consistently deliver high-quality outcomes. 

In addition to her professional qualities, Martha’s personality makes her an invaluable asset to any team. She possesses graceful diplomacy and innate empathy, which earned her the trust and respect of our organization’s team members around the world. Her calm demeanor, intellect, and friendliness make her a joy to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

—Global Operations Director